About us

From Perugia, your chocolate in Pharmacies

Bontà e Salute is the only product line dedicated to Pharmacies that combines chocolate and wellness.

Bontà e Salute was born from the desire to create a functional chocolate, capable of meeting the needs of consumers increasingly looking for a tasty product that can satisfy both nutritional needs and the support of correct lifestyles.


To make the best artisanal and quality product, we combined the work of two companies that have been operating in the pharmaceutical and chocolate markets for many years.

On the one hand, Laerbium Pharma, a company dedicated to studies and research on Cellular Nutrition and Phytotherapy since 1999. The company designs and distributes a food supplement line (phytotherapeutic – nutraceuticals) and functional cosmetics (cosmeceuticals), suitable for major physiological, health and wellness rebalancing needs.

On the other, Dulcinea Perugia, the chocolate factory based in the heart of Umbria, whose mission, since its foundation, has been to revive Perugia’s chocolate-making tradition and exalt it through a modern and innovative approach.

Dulcinea Perugia is featured in the European chocolate itinerary “The Chocolate Way,” the first international network celebrating the culture, tradition and history of chocolate in Europe, earning the maximum rating of three stars.


From classic bars to spreads, from snacks to chocolate enriched with Probiotic Lactic Yeast, each product is made to ensure that those who eat it get the authentic taste of artisanal chocolate.